Sergeant and Scout 1910

The illustration by Ernest Ibbetson for a postcard of the Scots Greys shows a change in the walking out dress from the previous 1907 style. The dress tunic was worn with the undress forage cap. The white zig-zag cap band remained a feature of the Greys throughout the 19th and 20th century and the blue peaked cap had the Eagle badge in bimetal on the front. There is white piping around the top. The tunic has yellow piping around the collar and shoulder straps, and the back of the tunic shows the edging on the false pocket flaps with buttons. A riding crop was carried in walking out, and short white gloves were worn.

The mounted private in review order has a fleur-de-lys badge on his right arm, the badge of a scout. This qualification badge was instituted at the beginning of the 20th century but was not continued after WW1. He has medals for the South African war and good conduct stripes on his left forearm. The horse furniture has been simplified so that the black sheepskin saddle cover has been discontinued, and there is no bucket for a firearm or leather cup attached to the stirrup for a lance.

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