Officers 1912

The officers in this photo are mostly in blue undress frocks and dress trousers with yellow stripe and spurs. The forage cap is blue with a white zig-zag and white piping around the top. The officer leaning against the doorway is a lieutenant-colonel according to the two rank badges on his shoulder. These must be a crown and star. His cap has a gold embroidered edge as befits his rank. The date of the photo according to Godfrey Brennan is 1912, taken at Tidworth. The commanding officer in that year was Bulkeley-Johnson but this officer does not look like him. If the date is wrong and it is 1911 then it is probably Alfred Douglas Miller who commanded from 1907 to 1911. The other tall gentleman in civilian clothes could be the Colonel of the regiment, Major-General Andrew Smythe Montague Browne who was colonel from 1905 to 1916.

The 2nd lieutenant standing on the right of the photo is in khaki service dress. He wears the first pattern 1902 tunic with stand collar. The khaki forage cap has a silver bimetal badge and he wears jodhpurs and riding boots. Brown leather Sam Browne belt, leather gloves and a cane complete his outfit.

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by Stephen Luscombe