Privates, Review Order 1912

Group photos of private soldiers are rare for the turn-of-the-century period. Usually the groups are sergeants or officers.This group of six men, taken at Tidworth in 1912, are all veterans of the Boer War as can be seen by their medals. They have the Queen's and King's South Africa medal, except for the man standing in the middle who has only the Queen's medal. Perhaps he was invalided back to Britain before Queen Victoria died in Jan 1901. The white leather pouchbelt that they all wear was discontinued in the line cavalry for all ranks except officers and trumpeters/musicians in 1902. Photos and paintings of the Greys post-1902 show them both wearing them and not wearing them so it seems that perhaps these items were brought out for certain occasions. It would be expected that men who had served as long as these would have achieved a rank above private but their right arms are sadly devoid of rank badges. The man seated on the right of the photo holds his bearskin so that we can clearly see the back badge of the Hanoverian Horse.

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by Stephen Luscombe