Field Service Marching Order, Off Side 1918

In October 1930 the Cavalry Journal published four photographs of Scots Greys mounted troopers to show the difference between 1918 and 1930, both off side and near side. The photos were all taken at Tidworth during a demonstration to show how the horse was carrying less weight than 12 years previously. This assumed that the weight of the rider was an average 160lbs. They listed the weights carried in both years as:
Rider 160lbs
Clothing and necessaries 15lb 4oz
Arms (rifle and sword) 13lb 8oz
Ammunition, 60 rounds SA ball .303 3lb 12oz
Accoutrements 11lb 12.5oz
Rations and water 3lb
Saddlery and feeds 43lb

The extra weight carried in 1918 amounted to 32lb 11.25oz, consisting of:
On the Horse
Greatcoat 7lb 8.75oz
Pair of wallets containing holdall filled, housewife, iron ration, spare underclothes 9lb 6.5oz
Nosebag with 6lb of corn 7lb
Piquetting gear and grooming kit 5lb 2oz

On the Man
In Haversack - SD cup, pair of socks, cap comforter, towel and soap
In bandolier, 30 rounds SAA (making 90 in all)

This all totalled 282lb 15.75oz

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by Stephen Luscombe