Lance-Corporal 1930

Service dress for wear at home and in cool climates remained very similar to that worn in the First World War but cut closer and smarter. The lance-corporal wears one stripe on each arm as a badge of appointment since lance-corporal was not classed as a rank. The good conduct stripes worn on the forearm were in their final stages and disappeared altogether when battledress was introduced c1939. He has a brown leather bandolier which has five pouches on the front, with a further four on the back. Each pouch held two clips of five rounds so that he carried a total of 90 rounds of .303 ammunition. He has a sword which when mounted was slotted into a loop on the saddle but here it is strapped to the two white leather slings which are attached to a hidden web waist-belt. The jodhpurs and puttees are worn with laced boots and spurs. The lower part of the puttees are bound with white which seems unsightly. I cannot account for these ankle coverings, and if we compare it with the mounted man in Marching Order of 1930 it seems that they were not always worn.

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by Stephen Luscombe