Sergeants, Dress Uniform c1937

Full dress had disappeared at the beginning of World War One and the army continued to wear khaki after the war. The Household Division retained their dress uniform and it seems from this and similar photos from 1937 that there was a return to full dress in the Scots Greys, at least for some individuals and for special occasions. This newspaper cutting from Godfrey Brennan's collection is not dated but is sometime around 1937. The sergeants of the Scots Greys are in dismounted review order. They wear white leather pouch-belts which were officially discontinued in 1902. The brass Eagle badge can be clearly seen on the black leather pouches. Because it is difficult to bend over in this uniform, especially while wearing the bearskin cap, they have troopers or NCOs to help them straighten their overalls and shine their ankle boots. These undress uniforms are based on the blue frocks worn at the end of the 19th century and were the precursors of no.1 dress although they do not have shoulder chains or a stripe down the side of the trousers.

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