Trooper, Tank Suit 1944

The Scots Greys were mechanised in 1941, the last operational regular regiment to do so. They fought in North Africa and then in Italy, but by 1944 they were in Northern Europe having spent 5 months training in the UK with Sherman tanks. The tank suit, shown in this illustration by Pierre Turner, was first introduced in 1943. It was made of heavy duty waterproof cotton lined with khaki angola wool shirt material. There were two full length zips down the front and numerous pockets. The shoulder straps were strengthened for hauling the wearer out of the vehicle in emergencies. It was also strengthened at the knee, elbow and seat. A detachable hood could be press-studded to the collar. It came in various shades of light khaki and there was a camouflage version. The RAC regiments were ordered to wear black berets from 1942, in line with the Royal Tank Regiment, though with their own regimental badges. The Royal Dragoons and 11th Hussars were excepted, the former having a grey beret and the latter a brown beret with a crimson hat band. In 1948 the ubiquitous blue beret was adopted.

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by Stephen Luscombe