Scotch Dragoon 1680

Dragoons did not wear armour like the Troops of Horse but they wore helmets that gave some measure of protection to the face. The firearms were cumbersome matchlocks although flintlocks were soon to replace them in the 1680s. This print seems to show details which are not altogether clear. There seems to be a sword attached to the front of his saddle. Infantrymen were equipped with swords in the early days of the army, and although they were mounted, dragoons were expected to fight on foot. Some sources say that Dalzell's Scots Dragoons wore grey coats until the first Colonel's death in 1685. This print is dated 1680 the year before Dalzell assumed command and there is no information on the colour of the coats worn by the Independent Companies prior to 1681.

Regimental Details

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by Stephen Luscombe