Grenadier Detail 1751

The lace on the grenadier's coat can be seen more clearly in this monochrome enlargement taken from Military Drawings and Paintings in the Royal Collection by A E Haswell-Miller and N P Dawnay (1966). The lace is white with blue and red zigzags, and covers the edging of the collar, lapels, waistcoat, cuffs turn-backs, cuff flaps, pocket flaps, and loops around the button-holes. The last items are on the lapels and just showing above the waist-belt. It should be noted that they have pointed ends because the drawing of the corporal in 1753, by Captain Baillie appears to show square ends to the button-hole loops. The top of the cuff turn-backs and the pocket flaps have double rows of lace.

The waist-belt has a smaller strap attached to it to support the black leather ammunition pouch on the front. This seems to be for grenadiers only as the battalion company men do not have it. The shoulder belt supporting his bag of grenades has a brass match-case attached, and we can see that a small chain is fixed to the stopper with the other end attached to a boss near the shoulder. His sword has a hand-guard hilt that gives more protection to the hand than the single bar hilt of the battalion company swords. And the socket bayonet can be seen just above the sword hilt.

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