Sergeant 1833

This sergeant of the 13th Light Infantry was painted by Dubois Drahonet in 1833. He has a single-breasted red coatee that has tufted wings on the shoulder as worn by light infantry and fusilier regiments as well as flank companies of regular line regiments. The wings are red with stripes of white lace, and the shoulder straps are in the facing colour, philemot yellow, like the collar and cuffs. The silver chevrons also have a backing cloth of this colour. The lace on his collar and shoulder straps is white for sergeants but for the rank and file the lace had the regimental distinction of a black line through it. In 1836 the lace for all regiments was changed to plain white. From this angle we cannot see if the sergeant has lace across his chest like the rank and file, but other sergeants in the Drahonet series do have them. The cuffs have no lace on the upper edge of the yellow cuff, but the red slash flap has three buttons and white lace loops. His white shoulder belts are for the black ammunition pouch on the right side, and the sword and bayonet on the left. His rank permits him to carry a sword. Sergeants traditionally carried a pike, up until 1830, but the light infantry sergeants had a musket from a much earlier date. A brass whistle and chain is attached to the front of his sword belt.

The NCO sash round his waist is crimson with 3 yellow stripes. It has tassels hanging on the left side which was the practice for both officers and sergeants in all the infantry regiments following an order of 1830. The 13th changed this later so that the tassels hung on the right, for both officers and sergeants. It wasn't until 1856, when the sashes were hung over the shoulders, that the regimental distinction of officers and sergeants wearing the sash on the same shoulder (the left) became obvious. The white trousers were worn in the summer months only. From October to April the very dark Oxford mixture trousers were worn. His black shako is bell-topped, and has a brass star badge on the front. In the centre of the star is curved bugle with the numeral 13 in the middle. The green ball tuft was worn by light infantry since 1830. Also of note is the black leather stock around his neck, below the coat collar. The rifle he carries in the light infantry manner, is the New Land Pattern Infantry musket.

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by Stephen Luscombe