Roadside Halt in Kent

Having arrived back to Gravesend on two ships, on 28 July and 8 Aug 1845, the 13th marched to Walmer Barracks to join the Headquarters which had marched from Chatham. This watercolour by Jacques Agasse (1767-1849) shows the men of the 13th halted beside the road outside Canterbury on their march to Walmer in August 1845. They are buying food from a farmer while the farmer's wife talks to a camp-follower. The wagon is part of the column of troops as can be seen from the drum on the back. The soldiers are in marching order with knapsacks and rolled greatcoats. Their uniforms have dark blue facings which were changed from yellow in 1842. Whilst at Walmer, on the southeast coat of Kent, they were inspected by the Duke of Wellington. He was not impressed with what he saw and informed the CO Lt-Col Squire, 'that should the regiment continue not to profit by the superior advantages it enjoyed in its present quarters at Walmer, it would be moved to quarters under the immediate eye of a general officer'. However, they remained at Walmer until 27 April 1846 when they were posted at Portsmouth.

Regimental Details

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by Stephen Luscombe