Kandahar 1839

The city of Kandahar had a defensive wall 33 feet high, 6,000 yards in circumference and having 62 towers along its length. This print by James Rattray is a view of the principal bazaar with the citadel in the background. The army were able to buy provisions in the market as well as horses which were badly needed. Whilst stationed in Kandahar a reception was held on 27 May 1839 at which the general officers presented Shah Shoojah with 25 gold mohurs. Field officers gave 5 mohurs each and junior officers gave one. These were doled out to the officers from the British treasure chest beforehand. A mohur was an Indian coin worth 15 Rupees, or one pound in value at that time. Shah Shoojah was not popular with the local inhabitants but they treated him politely.

Regimental Details

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by Stephen Luscombe