Jellalabad Mural Crown Medal

The first medal to be issued to the Illustrious Garrison of Jellalabad was this very plain design with a mural crown and JELLALABAD on the obverse side. The reverse had the date VII April 1842 (see other picture). The mural crown was awarded to regiments that had conducted a defence against a besieging army. It was struck in Calcutta and issued in November 1842. This was a very prompt response as the siege only ended in April of that year. However, the design was considered to be inappropriate and a second medal was produced with Victoria's head on the obverse and a Flying Victory figure on the reverse (see other picture). A free exchange was offered to the 774 men of the 13th LI who received the mural crown medal but only about 50 men took them up on the offer. The ribbon was the same for both medals, called the rainbow or watered Military Ribbon of India. This example was awarded to a soldier of the 13th Light Infantry and has engraved on the edge; 'Thos. Devely XIII P.A.L.I' It was for sale in the Dec 2006 Bosley auction catalogue.

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