Private Patrick Carlin VC

Private Carlin was part of Lord Mark Kerr's force of 500 that went to the aid of a British column besieged at Azimgurh during the Indian Mutiny. The battle, referred to as the Jingar Relief of Azimgurh took place on 6 April 1858 and was fought against rebel leader Koer Singh and a force of sepoy mutineers. Kerr's men defeated part of the enemy force but they were not strong enough in numbers to lift the siege conducted by the 10,000 strong rebel army. Two men from the Somerset Light Infantry won the Victoria Cross that day; Sergeant Napier and Private Carlin. Carlin rescued a wounded naik of the 4th Madras Rifles. While he was carrying the man off the battlefield on his shoulders he was fired on by a mutineer. Using the naik's sword he managed to kill the rebel and bring the wounded man to safety.

Patrick Carlin was born in Belfast in 1832. He continued to live there after leaving the army. He died 'of exhaustion' in Belfast on 11 May 1895. His medal, gazetted on 26 Oct 1858, is in the regimental museum, Taunton.

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