Officer and Private 1815

The uniforms worn at Waterloo are well illustrated here by P W Reynolds. The Private on the left is in marching order and dressed as the 3rd Battalion of the 14th Foot were on 18 June 1815. His jacket has the buff facings that the regiment wore from the early 18th century onwards. The button loops on his cuffs and across his chest are of a special regimental pattern. He carries a valise and rolled greatcoat on his back, and has straps across his chest that support, on his left shoulder, the ammunition pouch with 60 rounds, on his right shoulder are his haversack and water-bottle. He holds a muzzle-loading flintlock musket which weighs around 10 pounds and has a 17 inch socket bayonet attached. His shako is covered with an oilskin weather-proof cover. He has grey overalls and spatterdashes on his shoes. In dress uniform he would have worn white breeches and black or white gaiters.

The officer has an uncovered shako with plume attached The white over red shows that he is in a battalion company. The flank companies had different plumes, green for the light company and white for the grenadier company. His double-breasted jacket is buttoned over and has silver buttons placed in twos There is no silver lace but he has a single silver epaulette on his right shoulder. Senior officers above the rank of major had an epaulette on both shoulders as can be seen on the picture of Lt-Col Tidy. He does not carry equipment like the rank and file but has a single white leather strap to support his sword. This is kept in place with his crimson silk sash worn around the waist, with tasselled ends hanging by his sword. His trousers are better-fitting than the private's and he does not have spats.

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