Field-Marshal HRH Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel
Duke of Saxony, Prince of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha
(The Prince Consort)

Queen Victoria's husband was born on 26th August 1819 in Schloss Rosenau near Coburg. He was unpopular with the British people in his lifetime and regarded as a meddling foreigner. But the Queen loved him deeply and was influenced in a very positive way by his example. She was quite indolent before she married him but became as hard-working as he was. He was at odds with Prime Minister Lord Palmerston and the aristocracy did not like his high moral tone. Albert's varied interests covered, amongst other things, Industry, design, construction, international affairs, music and the army. He played an important part in shaping the monarchy that we have today.

This portrait, painted in 1845 shows his full dress field-marshal's uniform. He died at Windsor on 14th December 1861. Most decisions made by Victoria after his death were based on 'what Albert would have done'.

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