Photo of Drummer's Coatee c1830

This photo is taken from a December 2004 catalogue of Bosleys Military Auctioneers which describes it as Crimean War period but coats of that period all have heavy fringes on the collar. Also an order was issued in 1848 that the lace frame around the rear pockets be removed from all infantry coats. This coat has laced pockets. There are also striking similarities with the coat drawn by Percy Sumner. See Sketch of Drummers Coatee 1830 The sleeve chevrons are double and there are seven loops across the chest instead of 8. This may, however, be because it is made for a small boy. There is a white edge to the cuff flap like the sketch. The grenade badge on the tail is the same but there is no grenade on the collar. In the sketch, there is a line of lace where the sleeve joins the coat but not on this coat. The catalogue description does not mention a yellow edge to the lace.

It is safe to assume that the fringes on the collar and shoulder of later coats developed beyond this date. This coat has no fringe which may indicate that it is even earlier than 1830. The lace around the edge of the coat and following the edge of the turnbacks is narrower and consequently has a thinner fluer-de-lys. The 1848 coat also has slim lace around the edges but the design is even simpler.

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by Stephen Luscombe