Drummer 1857

One of the Gambert series of prints which provide details of the change of uniform following the Crimean War. While the rest of the regiment adopted a double-breasted tunic in 1854, the band and Corps of Drums were issued the single-breasted tunic seen here. So when the regiment had to exchange their tunics for single-breasted in 1856, the musicians and drums were one step ahead. The tunic here appears to have discarded the fringe on the collar but retained the fringed wings. The sleeves have six double lace chevrons, a pointed blue cuff and blue flap. There is a line of lace down the front edges of the skirts. The buttons are brass and the lace is white with blue fluer-de-lys, retaining the Guards distinction while line infantry drummers had white lace with red crowns. The drum is puzzling in that the hoops are the Coldstream Guards pattern, white with a blue worm. They should be blue with a white worm. The boots are small and slim compared with the modern Guardsmens boots.

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by Stephen Luscombe