General William Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan KT

Best known as Marlborough's right-hand man, being Quartermaster General of the army during the period of Marlborough's great victories. He was wounded at Schellenberg and led a cavalry regiment in numerous battles. When Marlborough was dismissed he retired from the army and worked towards bringing the Hanoverians to the English throne. When George I was king he revived his military career. His crushing of the Jacobite Rebellion in 1716 was efficient and cruel.

He was born at Liscarton, County Meath in 1672. His father was an Irish barrister and his mother was the daughter of Sir Hardress Waller, a soldier in Cromwell's army. William fell foul of political rivals due to his friendship with George's German advisors but he was given an earldom in 1718 and made Commander-in-Chief in 1722. He was appointed Colonel of the 6th Horse (5thDG) in 1703, the Coldstream Guards in 1714 and the First Guards in 1722. He was an MP for New Woodstock from 1705 to 1716. He and Marlborough were friendly rivals in the house and gardens stakes. Following The Duke's demolition and building work at Woodstock, Cadogan pulled down his old house at Caversham and rebuilt it in the latest style. The garden also had to compete with Blenheim Palace to the point of obsession. He died at Kensington on 17th July 1726 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

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