Private 1841

The 42nd had served in the Mediterranean for eleven years until the mid 1830s, then spent time in Scotland and Ireland before being posted to the Ionian Islands in 1841. This naive painting was made in 1841 in Ireland prior to embarkation to the Mediterranean. The private wears the tall feather bonnet with fox tails and red hackle. The jacket has the large shoulder wings and plain white tape across the chest. The cuffs have the slash flap since the order of 1830. He is holding a percussion musket which was issued to the 42nd in 1840. The regimental history states that the Colonel of the regiment Sir George Murray ensured that the 42nd were the first regiment to benefit from this new development. The private's cross belts support the ammunition pouch and the bayonet. There is no sword. His plaid is attached to the back of his left shoulder and his sporan has a black leather cantle, badge and five tassels. His stockings are gartered with a red ribbon which is very flamboyant.

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by Stephen Luscombe