Officers 1865

A clear detailed photo of the officers of the Black Watch taken at Stirling Regimental Depot. The regiment were in India at the time so these officers were responsible for recruitment and maintenance of the depot. The officer on the right is in full dress for levees and functions. He has patent leather buckled shoes and hose instead of shoes and spats. His sporan has six gold tassels whereas the other visible sporans have five black brushes. He also has a gold laced waist-belt with regimental belt clasp while the other officers have no visible waist-belt. None of the officers is above the rank of captain. The ensign wearing his feather bonnet has a star on his collar. The tall young man standing second from the right is a lieutenant with a crown. Captains had a crown and star, but the mutton-chop whiskers conceal their collars.

The officer next to the ensign has a fine array of medals, including the Turkish Order of the Medjidje and Crimea and Mutiny medals. The ensign does not have a plaid on his shoulder like the officer on the right, but we have a good view of the green ribbons tied on the right side of his kilt. The officer seated on the right is in trews so wears his plaid as a scarf across his chest. The officer seated on the left and the one on the floor are in trews and blue frockcoats. They have white waist-belts for their swords and full crimson silk sashes on their left shoulder. The undress caps can be seen clearly here; the man on the left has a definite tartan cap-band with black braid and button on the top. The other officer's cap shows the badge which is an embroidered St Andrew surrounded by a wreath, and 42 beneath.

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by Stephen Luscombe