All Ranks c1865

The men of the Black Watch wait for the officers to order their advance across open country in this painting by Orlando Norie. The men are in heavy marching order with Enfield percussion muskets. The ammunition pouches are supported by the shoulder belt, and rest on their lower back. Behind the officers, who are the highest figures on the left, are two NCOs. The one with a red sash over his right shoulder has no rank badges on his left arm, which must be a mistake on the part of the artist as Highland regiments I this period were distinguished by having NCO ranks on both sleeves. The other NCO with his back to us may be a Colour Sergeant with one chevron below a flag and crossed swords. It would seem from this painting that sergeants had different colour tassels on their sporans. The sergeant has six pale tassels while the men have black. The officers wear their dress sporans with gold tassels.

The men show that the slash flap on the blue cuffs is also of blue cloth. A drummer can be seen on the right of the picture. He has no broadsword as was seen in the photo of Types. His shoulder wings are red here but other sources state that they should be of the facings colour.

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by Stephen Luscombe