Paymaster c1875

The notebooks of P W Reynolds in the V&A Museum, London have many good quality illustrations. This painting of Paymaster Sergeant Bateman is dated at some time in the mid 1870s when soldiers were allowed large whiskers. The uniform is post-1868 as can be seen from the gauntlet cuffs. The button loops on the cuffs and Inverness flaps are formed from white cord or piping so it is the doublet of a Highlander below officer or Warrant Officer rank. He has sergeant's stripes and there appears to be a badge over the stripes on the right arm. The unusual thing is that the crimson sash is on his left shoulder. At this time, since c1860, the sergeants wore the sash on the right shoulder while officers wore them on the left. He also carries his sword like an officer, on a shoulder belt with a belt-plate. The wearing of the sash like this was seen on the central figure in Officer and Other Ranks c1865. Perhaps it was the distinction of the Paymaster Sergeant in the Black Watch. He wears the glengarry cap which was adopted by Scottish regiments at some stage in the 1860s. His medals include one for the Indian Mutiny.

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