Ensign Campbell c1771

The Royal Warrant of 1768 made many changes to uniforms; buttons were to have the regimental number, waistcoats were to be white and the coat was to be closer fitting with small round cuffs. Ensign Campbell has a red coat with dark blue facings and evenly spaced gold embroidered button loops. In 1774 they changed to gold lace instead of embroidery. He has one small gold epaulette on his right shoulder, and his plaid is attached to his left shoulder. The most interesting thing about this portrait of Ensign Colin Campbell is the cap which shows a band of red and green leaf embroidery, or it could be a plaited ribbon. The 'pink' cap-band in the painting of the 1762 uniform may be the same as this, as it would look like a solid pink band from a distance. Officers were required to wear black ostrich feathers at this time while the men were given black bearskin tufts. There is no sign of a hackle, whether red or red and white at this stage. His sword belt is black leather and a number 42 can be discerned on the gilt tip.

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by Stephen Luscombe