Dover 1857

This is a detail from a print titled The Last March in Brigade of the 42nd 79th and 93rd Highlanders from Dover Castle Previous to their Leaving England for India. The history of the Black Watch says that Queen Victoria reviewed the troops at Dover on 4 Aug 1857 and that they embarked for India some time between then and the 14th Aug. This print probably shows the Highland Brigade on 4 Aug, the day of the Royal Review. The 42nd Highlanders lead the marching brigade, pipers in front, marching away from the sea, probably in the process of making a sharp right turn to go up to the castle. The depiction of the scene is curious because more prominence is given to the cart and four horses in the foreground. Three soldiers stand around the cart, perhaps an officer and two men in marching order. It is not clear if the cart is there for military purposes or whether it is a civilian wagon that is getting in the way. There is a large throng of people in the distance following the road up and around the back of the castle. This could be a column of soldiers as the garrison at Dover included the 41st and 44th Regiments.

Regimental Details

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by Stephen Luscombe