The Storming of the Great Redoubt

The Russian position was hastily established as the British advance had taken them by surprise. The Great Redoubt was on a low hill the other side of the Alma. The Coldstream and Grenadier Guards climbed the hill in neat ranks which must have been unnerving for the Russians. The Coldstream Guards are shown here in this painting by Caton Woodville. He has made a mistake with the uniforms in the white lace button loops across the front of their coats. This style was still used by the line infantry but had been discontinued in the Guards since 1830. See Private's Coat c1850 One officer has fallen with a tattered King's Colour in his hand. The young officer holding the Regimental Colour is seen in the middle of the rank. He is probably Lieutenant E A Disbrowe who died at Inkerman.

Regimental details

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by Stephen Luscombe