Drummer, 1790

Here is the first appearance of the Guards drummers' lace which has lasted until the present day (2006). It is white with blue fleur-de-lys designs. The lace is laid in double rows and the sleeves have six chevrons all the way up. The shoulder wings lie close to the shoulder and have a fringe along the edge. The collar is blue edged in white but it is difficult to make out whether there is a fringe on the collar. The blue lapels and cuffs have button loops in a plain white lace, placed in pairs. He has crossed belts in white leather with a brass beltplate in the middle. The belt under his left arm holds a sword and the other holds a white pouch.

The bearskin is of black fur with white plaited caplines and tassels and a white plume on the left side. At the back of the bearskin the top is squashed in and has a red circle of cloth with a garter star badge in the middle. The plate on the front is a royal coat-of-arms in white metal. It is small in comparison with the badge on the drummers' bearskins of the 1st and 3rd Guards. The drum is similar in pattern to that used today, with the distinctive white hoops with red edge and blue worm along the middle. The drum sling that goes round the drummer's neck is a special design also, it is decorated like the lace, with blue fleur-de-lys. Drummers of the 1st Guards had a plain white leather sling and the 3rd Guards had a yellow sling with blue fleur-de-lys designs.

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by Stephen Luscombe