Band Master and Bandsmen 1851

The Band Master had officer status but was probably more of a musician than a soldier at this time. He is the one third from the right with a clarinet and gold fringed epaulettes. Apart from that his uniform looks very similar to the bandsmen who all wear coats with plenty of gold lace on the chest and tails of the coat. The curved swords all look similar, worn on leather frogs from waistbelts. It seems that the Drum-Major was the only band member to have his sword on a shoulder belt.

The man standing at the Band Master's right hand is the Band Sergeant wearing a crimson sash round his waist, next to him is a band corporal with a strange looking black instrument. On the far left is a bandsman with a serpent. All the men are in full dress, summer order, which meant white trousers instead of the winter Oxford mixture trousers.

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by Stephen Luscombe