Drummer 1856

The young drummer is in full dress but the drum is not a Coldstream Guards drum. It is probably a Russian drum brought back from the Crimea as a souvenir or because his own drum was damaged. His Crimea Medal can just be seen. The tunic he is wearing is single breasted and decorated with white lace that has blue fleur-de-lys all along it. He has fringed wings on his shoulder which are blue with the same lace. There is a fringe round the top of his collar. He is wearing the same black stock under the collar as he wore with the old coatee but it was soon dispensed with. The drum is slung on the special strap with a double row of fleur-de-lys patterns like the lace. He has no shoulder belts. The sword should be hung from his waistbelt but it looks as if he is not wearing it.

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by Stephen Luscombe