HRH William Augustus
Duke of Cumberland KG

William was the second son of George II, born in 1721. His military career was generally unsuccessful although he is best remembered for his victory over the Scots at Culloden. His bravery was not in question, he demonstrated that at Dettingen, but he lacked imagination. Marshal Saxe defeated him at Fontenoy before he was sent to put down the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. Initial setbacks at Penrith and Falkirk were reversed at Culloden in April 1746. The Scots were pounded by Cumberland's artillery and ruthlessly pursued by his cavalry. He spent three months in Scotland stamping out all support for Bonnie Prince Charlie. He is remembered in that part of the world as the 'Butcher' or 'Stinking Billy'. His career as a commander ended badly. He was defeated again by the French under Marshal Saxe and incurred the wrath of his father when he was forced to evacuate Hanover under the terms of the convention of Klosterzeveyen. He retired to Windsor where he became a recluse and even fatter. He died in 1765 at the age of 44.

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