Officer 1799

The series published c1799 entitled the British Military Library included this print of an officer of the 7th Royal Fusiliers. The coat is fastened at the front down to the waist and has long tails at the back. The lapels are buttoned back to reveal blue facings and gilt buttons in pairs. The coat worn on campaign was shorter and within a few years the long tailed coatee was confined for levee wear; evening occasions. The crimson waist sash is worn over the coat and holds the sword belt in place. He only has one shoulder belt because he does not carry ammunition or a fusil. His head-dress is the fur cap with a large gilt plate at the front and a white hackle on the left side. There is a dark bag hanging down at the back with a gilt tassel and it is not clear whether there is the patch of red cloth on the back of the cap with the white Horse of Hanover embroidered. The method of carrying the sword is unusual and unfortunately it hides the collar which looks as if it has two buttons on the side.

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by Stephen Luscombe