1st Battalion Colours 1896

This detail from a photo of the 1st Battalion Colours was published in the Navy and Army Illustrated 20 Nov 1896. The Commanding Officer stands beside the 2 Colours in forage cap and frockcoat but is unfortunately not named. The crimson Queen's Colour, on the left, appears to have 16 battle honours. We can see some of the honours listed, eight on each side of the Colour. On the side nearest the pole the last four are WATERLOO, INKERMAN, EGYPT 1882 and SUAKIN 1885. The folded-over corner nearest the drummer shows the top four; RAMILLES, MALPLAQUET, LINCELLES and BARROSA. WATERLOO is below these so this is the same list repeated. The other side of the Colour that we cannot see shows BLENHEIM, OUDENARDE, DETTINGEN, CORUNNA, PENINSULA, ALMA, SEVASTOPOL and TEL-EL-KEBIR. The middle of the Colour has the large Victorian crown, and there is no Union Flag in the upper canton.

The Regimental Colour is the large Union Flag with the 20th Company badge of King Charles's head in an oak tree. The Roman Numeral I is in the upper canton. The battle honours are arranged, eight on either side. The photo is credited to F G O S Gregory & Co, Military Opticians, 51 Strand.

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by Stephen Luscombe