Grenadier Guards' Soldiers 1945 to Present

This list includes officers and men who have either been prominent in the regiment or in public life. Some have been awarded the Victoria Cross and some have been killed or mortally wounded in action. Some VC winners and fallen heroes can also be found in the list of Commanding Officers. There are many who fully deserve to be on the Soldiers list who are not because we do not have a picture or information. If you have the name of someone from the Grenadier Guards past or present then we would like to hear from you. Please contact Charles Griffin or Stephen Luscombe.

Guardsman Richard Stokes
Guardsman Winston Lindsay
Guardsman Ian Pragnall
Guardsman Simon Davison
Lance Corporal James Ashworth VC
Captain Michael Dobbin MC
Lance Corporal Duane Groom
Guardsman Karl Whittle
Lance-Sergeant Markus Strydom MC
Regimental Sergeant-Major Darren Chant
Sergeant Matthew Telford
Guardsman James Major
Lance-Corporal Liam Culverhouse
Guardsman Jamie James
Daniel Probyn
Guardsman Neil Downes
Guardsman Daryl Hickey
Guardsman David Atherton
Lance-Sergeant Dave Greenhalgh
Lance-Corporal Scott Blaney
Major Martin David MC
Guardsman Alexander Harrison

Regimental details

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by Stephen Luscombe