The Royal Irish Regiment

Various Types c1832

C B Newhouse produced a series of 'Military Incidents' printed by R G Reeve around 1835. This one was called 'The Dinner Round' and gives us a glimpse of army life in the 1830s. They are all in dress uniform except the man on the left who is going towards the cookhouse with containers of milk or water etc. He is in a forage cap and buff shell jacket.

The Fifer and drummer are wearing shakos with the upright plume that was replaced in 1834 with the spherical tuft. The running officer in the background also has this type of plume, which means that he is in a battalion company. The figures in the foreground are light company soldiers as shown by the green tuft on their shakos. The sergeant is saluting the officer by placing his hand on his rifle. He has shoulder wings and whistle and chain on his cross-belt. The sentry on the right of the picture with a tall fur cap is from the grenadier company and carries his folded greatcoat on his back. The fur cap may be covered with a waterproof oilskin.

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