The Royal Irish Regiment

Light Company Officer c1835

A miniature of a young officer of the Royal Irish Regiment, the date of which is not known exactly. The white leather sword belt has a small gilt bugle horn boss with a chain attached which was only worn by officers of the light company. The belt plate is also gilt but has a silver star with a gilt garter in the middle. This has the regimental motto inscribed on a blue enamel backing and inside the garter is a gilt harp also on blue enamel. The details are unclear but the Sphinx of Egypt is likely to be at the top of the garter and the number XVIII below. The shoulder wings of his coat are for a flank company and have stringed bugle badges on the point of the shoulder. They have chains on the wings but the shoulder straps have no chains. The coat is scarlet with a dark blue collar that is obscured at the front and sides by gold embroidery. The tassels hanging from the top button are of crimson silk and are the ends of the waist sash.

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by Stephen Luscombe