The Royal Irish Regiment

Captain 1855

The double-breasted dress tunic worn by this officer had a very short life, being introduced in 1855, and replaced by a single-breasted style in 1856. The collar and slashed flap cuffs are dark blue and decorated with gold lace. He has captain's crown and star badges on each side of the collar with an edge of gold lace along the top. 'Field officers had gold lace on the top and bottom of the collar. The lapels are turned back but were worn fully buttoned on parade. 'The skirts are very long at this stage but became shorter with later styles of tunic. His medals include the blue and red striped India General Service, the two Crimea medals, and one other with a dark ribbon. 'The crimson silk sash is worn on the right shoulder, held in place by a slim crimson silk shoulder cord. 'This contradicts the 1855 (and 1861) Dress Regulations which has the sash and shoulder cord on the left shoulder. 'His forage cap had a red cap-band and an embroidered harp and crown badge. 'This replaced the 1854 type with a black silk cap-band. All officers now wore the sword slung from a waist-belt. 'This officer's scabbard is the black leather and gilt type, field officers had a brass scabbard and the adjutant has a steel one. In full dress the 1855 shako was worn which had a front and back peak.'

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by Stephen Luscombe