The Royal Irish Regiment

Colour-Sergeant and Captain c1908

The colour-sergeant is in dress uniform but wearing the peaked forage cap that replaced the Broderick cap c1905. The cap has a dark blue top and scarlet cap-band and welt around the top edge. His tunic sleeve is ornamented with the gold lace chevrons and embroidered crossed Union flags with King's crown above. He has other crossed flags on his fore-arm which is a proficiency badge for signalling. The blue cuffs are edged with white piping, as are the collar and shoulder straps. The white piping also extends down the front edge. On the scarlet shoulder straps are R.IRISH in a curved brass. In 1913 the shoulder straps were changed to blue.

The officer is in the frock coat that was introduced in the early 20th century to replace the more expensive one with black mohair frogging and lace. The crimson waist-sash is worn around the waist as ordered in 1902 and his sword is slung from a webbing belt worn under the sash. His silver collar badges are noticeably larger than the brass ones worn by the colour-sergeant. The forage cap is topped with a white cover so that only the scarlet cap-band shows.

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by Stephen Luscombe