The Royal Irish Regiment

2nd Lieutenant, c1910

Full dress changed in 1902 so that an officer's rank was no longer indicated by the gold lace and braid decoration on his collar and cuff. All officers had the same, relatively simple, designs as seen here. Also in 1902 the crimson sash was worn around the waist instead of over the left shoulder. Up until that date the rank of second lieutenant did not warrant a star badge, but this junior officer now has a star on each gold shoulder cord. The silver badge on his collar can be seen in our Badges section and is larger than the brass type worn by the other ranks. He is holding the forage cap that was introduced for officers c1900 and has remained in fashion for more that a century in the British army, and imitated throughout the world. For royal regiments the cap was blue with a scarlet cap-band and welt around the top edge. The officer is named as D K J Chisholm who won the MC in the First World War and exchanged to the 114th Mahrattas.

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by Stephen Luscombe