Marquess of Argyll

Archibald Campbell (1607 - 1661) was created 1st Marquess of Argyll by Charles I in 1641 as a concession to the Covenanters who were pledged to defend Scottish Presbyterianism against the Anglican form of worship. The salient points of his career would seem to suggest that he was the last person to be appointed Colonel of the King's bodyguard. Much of his life was spent in opposition to Montrose, leader of Scotland's Royalists. He also formed an alliance with the English Parliament to boost Presbyterianism. He was forced to support the future Charles II because of Scotland's strong support for the Stuarts and was involved in his Scottish coronation. When Charles was defeated at Worcester, Argyll sided with Cromwell. After the Restoration, he was arrested, tried but acquitted of the charge of regicide, but was sent to Edinburgh where he was confronted with letters that proved his sympathy with the Parliamentarians. He was beheaded on 27th May 1661. Eleven years earlier he had watched the Earl of Montrose go to his execution. Argyll's head was put on the same spike that had displayed Montrose's head.

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by Stephen Luscombe