Regimental Colour, 2nd Battalion c1820

Each of the company Colours was a Union flag with a company emblem painted in the middle. The emblem here is the red lion rampant with the motto INTREPIDUS underneath. There is a company number in the upper canton in Roman numerals. It is difficult to make out what number it is because the flag is damaged. This picture, along with the King's Colour, was taken from an old Bosley auction catalogue which states that this is a 3rd Company Colour. That would correspond with the 1899 list. But the same emblem appears on the 1712 list as being the badge of the 13th Captain's Company. If the date 1820 is correct then this Colour comes somewhere in the middle of the two lists. It is fair to assume that there would have been some changes in the positions of the companies and numbering would be confusing to sort out. The numerals could be XI or XIV they are certainly not III.

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by Stephen Luscombe