Captain The Hon Cosmo Gordon

Cosmo Gordon was the second son of the Earl of Aberdeen. He served in the Scots Guards in America during the War of American Independence. He was promoted to the double rank of Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel in 1773. It seems that his career ended disastrously because he was the subject of a court martial for neglect of duty before the enemy at Springfield, New Jersey on 23rd June 1780. His trial took place in New York from 22nd August to 4th September 1782.

In this portrait by Francis Wheatley, Cosmo wears the uniform of an officer of a grenadier company. The bearskin has a very large metal plate in front, having the Royal arms over the Hanoverian flap. A gold tassel hangs on the right side and at the back would be a red area with the regimental badge embroidered in the middle. His pouch belt is worn over the coat but the sword belt is worn underneath. He has a gilt gorget attached to his collar with blue ribbons and a gold epaulette on each shoulder.

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