NWMP Band at Fort Macleod 1897

A detail from a panoramic shot of the regiment parading in full dress. The band wear the white helmet with the brass chin-chain hooked up on the right side whereas the squad behind wear the chin-chain on the chin. The band wear the brown leather waistbelt without a holster, unlike the squad. The only officer of the NWMP in the picture is standing in front of the squad, but there is another officer, not a Mountie, behind the bass drummer. He has white belts, or gold, and may be an artillery officer. These officers are the only ones with swords. The yellow braiding on the men's tunics does not show up in this old photo but gold does show up on officer's and senior NCO's tunics. There is a senior NCO, staff sergeant, obscuring the bass drum with gold edging to his tunic and figuring on the cuff.

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by Stephen Luscombe