This officer was in charge of the King's Indian Orderly Officers in 1924. By this time, the infantry of the Corps of Guides had split completly from the cavalry and become the 5th battalion of 12th Frontier Force regiment. Although part of another regiment, the Guides retained their uniform. The drab tunic and trousers (or overalls) are faced with red velvet and beige sik cord and lace. He is a field officer but there is no difference between the decoration on his collar and cuffs and those of more junior officers at this stage. The distinctive pouchbelt is the same as before and there is a red light showing between the two silk stripes down the outside of the overalls. Under his chair is a Wolesley style foreign service helmet with dark blue, light blue and gold stripes. His medals show that he is the holder of the DSO.
There seems little doubt that the uniforms of the British officers of Guides cavalry and infantry were the same, both being of cavalry style. Even though he is an infantry officer, he appears to have the 1912 pattern cavalry sword.

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