Col G Stewart, 1880

George Stewart joined the Indian Army as an ensign in 1856. His first posting was a volunteer cavalry regiment with whom he was present at many actions during the Indian Mutiny including the Relief of Lucknow.
He then served in the 1st Sikh Cavalry throughout many campaigns including China in 1860. His first action with the Corps of Guides was in the Jowaki Expedition in 1877-78 under General Keyes. He commanded a cavalry attack on the Utman Khel villages in March 1878. During the Afghan War of 1878-80 Stewart was put in command of the Corps of Guides cavalry with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He was present at Ali Masjid, Charasia and the actions around Kabul in December 1879.
He was promoted to Colonel in 1883 and Major-General in 1887. This photo was taken at Kabul in 1880. He wears the patrol jacket and undress pouchbelt.

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