Returning from a Review, 1828

This is not the complete painting. The whole picture is huge and shows the entire regiment with the title written at the top: The 1st Regiment of Skinner's Horse returning from a General Review. The horizon is curved, not so much like a hill but more as if it were the curvature of the Earth. It gives the impression of a powerful group of men bestriding the globe. The regiment is divided into five rissalahs (squadrons), each one containing about 60 sowars. We can clearly see the front two rissalahs here, with parts of two more behind. The men ride on horses of different colours. They are dressed in winter uniform, a long skirted yellow coat with a waist-length yellow jacket with short sleeves decorated with black sheepskin. Under this they wear dark green overalls strapped under the boot. They have helmets called khula khuds with adjustable nose-guards. The native officers have a plume on their helmet and their short jackets are orange. The men are armed with a matchlock which is carried on the shoulder. Some of the men carry lances. Marching on the right flank is the band (see Detail of Standards). The officers are armed with various weapons that we can see here, lances, pistols, matchlocks and curved swords. All ranks carry a black shield on their backs. Behind each rissalah ride the NCOs, two of which carry two standards (see Detail of Standards ). In front of the first rissalah rides Col. Skinner on a brown horse with Major Fraser next to him (see Detail of Officers). They are followed by two men on foot, one of whom is a bhisti (water-carrier), the other is probably the clerk. In front of Skinner the officers put on a display of fighting skills. One of these is Colonel Skinner's son, Lieutenant James Skinner aged 19.

Regimental details

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by Stephen Luscombe