In Collaboration With Charles Griffin

Post Mutiny
Principal Campaigns and Battles
1885 - 87 Burma
Predecessor Units
13th Carnatic Battalion
From 4th, 7th and 11th Carnatic Battalions
(1776 - 1784)
13th Madras Battalion
(1784 - 1796)
2nd Battalion, 3rd Madras Native Infantry
(1796 - 1824)
13th Madras Native Infantry
(1824 - 1885)
13th Madras Infantry
(1885 - 1903)
Successor Units
1st/3rd Madras Regiment
(1922 - 1947)
Post-Independence Fate
To India
Suggested Reading
Historical Records of the XIII Madras Infantry
by R.P. Jackson
London and Calcutta 1898
A Matter of Honour
by Philip Mason
India's Army
by Donovan Jackson
Regiments and Corps of the British Army:
A Critical Bibliography

by Roger Perkins
Sons of John Company
by John Gaylor
Armies of India
Painted by Lovett, Text by Macmunn
The Indian Army
by Boris Mollo
Forces of the British Empire
by E. Nevins and B. Chandler
Indian Army Uniforms - Infantry
by W. Y. Carman

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