The Yeomanry

Standards 1795

The Nottingham Troop had two standards in their early days, one Royal Standard and one Provincial Standard. The Royal was crimson, embroidered with the Royal Arms on both sides with a white horse in one corner and N Y C in another corner. They were the same shape as the later guidons but were called Standards.

The Provincial Standard was of buff silk with GR and crown in the middle ornamented with a wreath of roses, wheat ears and an olive branch. The arms of the county were in one corner. In another corner were 'implements of husbandry' bound up with flowers. At the opposite corner were martial trophies with a bow and quiver on which were embroidered ROBIN HOOD. There was a blue silk scroll above the crown was LIBERTAS SUB REGE FID in letters of gold spangles. Underneath was a similar scroll inscribed CONJUGES LIBERI ET PENATES.

The other side of this buff standard was an oak tree with gold acorns, ivy creeping up the stem, and at the foot, the word SHIREWOOD. On one side of the tree the arms of the county, and on one point of the swallow-tails were martial trophies, on the other implements of husbandry. Above the oak tree were the words ET DECUS ET TUTAMEN and underneath the words NOTTINGHAMSHIRE VOLUNTEER CAVALRY. The standard was fringed with silver and the tassels were of silver and buff silk.

South Nottingham Hussars


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by Stephen Luscombe