Foreign Service


Channel Fleet
Albemarle Cornwallis Goliath Russell
Albion Duncan Montagu Swiftsure
Caesar Exmouth Prince George Triumph
Canopus Glory
Cruisers Attached to Battle Squadron
Dido Juno Topaze
Attached Ships
Patrol Sapphire
Destroyer Flotilla
First Division Second Division Third Division
Eden Gala Blackwater
Flirt Greyhound Express
Kestrel Mermaid Leopard
Peterel Racehorse Liffey
Recruit Ribble Osprey
Thorn Roebuck Ostrich
Tiger Teviot Vixen
Vigilant Wolf Waveney
First Cruiser Squadron
Antrim Good Hope Monmouth Roxburgh
Devonshire Hampshire

Atlantic Fleet
Commonwealth Hindustan Magnificent New Zealand
Dominion King Edward VII Majestic Victorious
Cruisers Attached to Battle Squadron
Amethyst Arrogant
Special Service Vessels
Dwarf Pathfinder
Second Cruiser Squadron
Bedford Cornwall Drake Essex
Berwick Cumberland
Torpedo Boat Destroyers
Bat Crane Fawn Kangaroo
Cherwell Cygnet Flying Fish Myrmidon
Coquette Cynthia Foyle Star
Attached Ships
Leander Tyne

Bulwark Implacable London Queen
Formidable Irresistable Prince of Wales Venerable
Cruisers Attached to Battle Squadron
Diana Minerva Venus
Special Service Vessels
Imogene Maine Surprise
Third Cruiser Squadron
Carnarvon Lancaster Leviathan Suffolk
Attached Ships
Sentinel Vulcan
Torpedo Boat Destroyers
Albatross Bruizer Griffon Panther
Angler Desperate Lively Quail
Ardent Dragon Locust Seal
Ariel Earnest Mallard Sprightly
Banshee Foam Orwell Stag
Boxer Thrasher

North America and West Indies
Fourth Cruiser Squadron
Diamond Edgar Highflyer Royal Arthur
Eclipse Hawke Isis St. George
Newfoundland Fishery Squadron
Latona Sappho Scylla

Eastern Fleet
Cruiser Squadron
Andromeda Bonaventure Flora Sutlej
Astraea Diadem Hogue
Special Service Vessels
Alacrity Cadmus Clio Hecla
River Gunboats
Kinsha Robin Snipe Woodcock
Moorhen Sandpiper Teal Woodlark
Torpedo Boat Destroyers
Arun Exe Itchen Virago
Dee Fame Janus Whiting
Erne Handy Otter
Ettrick Hart
East Indies
Fox Hyacinth Perseus Proserpine
Attached Ships
Lapwing Redbreast Sphinx
Cambrian Pegasus Powerful Pyramus
Challenger Pioneer Prometheus Psyche
Katoomba Wallaroo
Attached Ship

Cape of Good Hope
Crescent Forte Pelorus Terpsichore

West Coast of North America

On Special Service
Renown Terrible Jupiter

On Passage Home

Surveying Service
Egeria Penguin Research Triton
Goldfinch Rambler Sealark Waterwitch

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