HMS Warrior, 1860

ClassIronclad Frigate
Speed14 to 15 Knots
Weight9,000 tons
Dimensions420 feet long, 58 foot beam
Armament26 x 68pounders, 10 x 100 pounders, 4 x 40 pounders
FateSold 1885
NotesOn August 1st 1861, HMS Warrior was the first iron battleship commissioned into the Royal Navy. It was actually built in response to the French iron battleship La Gloire which had entered French service a year earlier. Additionally, the American Civil War was showing what Ironclads and Iron battleships could accomplish so the British were keen to stay ahead technologically. Her design revolutionised the naval arms race. In 1867 she was rearmed with 7" RML guns.

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by Stephen Luscombe