Rt Hon Adrienne Clarkson PC CC CMM COM CD

Madame Clarkson was the 26th Governor General of Canada, from 1999 to 2005. She was appointed Colonel-in-Chief of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry on 17 Mar 2007, the first Canadian to hold that post in a Canadian Regiment. Her career has been in journalism and television, multi-tasking as writer, producer and host on several influential programmes. She studied English Literature at the University of Toronto's Trinity College, gaining BA and MA. She went on to study at La Sorbonne. She holds 32 honorary doctorates. Whilst Governor General she facilitated the integration of immigrants, encouraged respect for the northern regions and their indigenous people as well as all other native people of Canada. She is a keen writer and is the author of several books including the bestselling memoir Heart Matters.

The photo shows her with officers of the PPCLI in 2010. Next to her is Lieutenant-General Ray Crabbe, Vice-Patron and Colonel of the Regiment from 2010 to 2015.

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